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Treatments - Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies
Special Diets

Here you will find a list of all remedies mentioned within this website. Browse the remedy list, sort the remedies alphabetically or use the Remedy Finder to find remedies that alleviate a particular symptom or combination of symptoms. Click the remedy name to read more.

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Remedy Abies can.  - Abies canadensis - hemlock spruce, Canada pitch - fresh bark and young buds
Remedy Abies nig.  - Abies nigra - black or double spruce - gum
Remedy Abrotanum  - Artemisia abrotanum - southernwood, lad's love, old man - fresh leaves and shoots
Remedy Absinthium  - Artemisia absinthium - absinth, common wormwood - fresh young leaves, flowers and upper shoots
Remedy Acetic ac.  - Acidum aceticum - acetic acid
Remedy Aconite  - Aconitum napellus - wolfsbane, blue aconite, blue monkshood - fresh aerial parts, tubers as flowers appear
Remedy Actaea  - Actaea spicata - baneberry, herb Christopher - fresh underground parts after shoots emerge before flowering
Remedy Aesculus  - Aesculus hippocastanum - horse chesnut - ripe conkers
Remedy Aethusa  - Aethusa cynapium - fool's parsley - whole plant when in flower
Remedy Agaricus  - Agaricus muscarius - fly agaric - fresh fungus or dried cap
Remedy Agnus vitese  - Agnus castus - chaste tree - ripe berries
Remedy Agraphis  - Agraphis nutans - bluebell, wild hyacinth - fresh plant and growing shoots
Remedy Ailanthus  - Ailanthus glandulosa - Chinese sumach, tree of heaven - flowers as they begin to open
Remedy Aletris  - Aletris farinosa - star grass, unicorn root, blazing grass, colic root - root
Remedy Allium  - Allium cepa - red onion - whole fresh bulb in July/August
Remedy Allium sat.  - Allium sativa - garlic - fresh bulb
Remedy Aloe  - Aloe ferox - common aloe - gum
Remedy Alum  - Aluminium potassium sulphuricum - double sulphate of Aluminium and Potassium
Remedy Alumina  - Aluminium oxylatum - aluminium oxide
Remedy Ambra  - Ambra grisea - ambergris, yellow-gray fatty substance from whale's intestine
Remedy Ambrosia  - Ambrosia artemisiaefolia - ragweed, Roman wormwood, hogweed - fresh flower heads and young shoots
Remedy Ammonium brom.  - Ammonium bromatum - ammonium bromide
Remedy Ammonium carb.  - Ammonium carbonicum - ammonium carbonate
Remedy Ammonium mur.  - Ammonium chloratum - salammoniac, ammonium chloride
Remedy Amyl nit.  - Amylum nitrosum - amyl nitrate
Remedy Anacardium  - Semecarpus anacardium - marking nut - ripe dried fruits
Remedy Anacardium occ.  - Anacardium occidentale - cashew nut - black juice between outer and inner shell of nuts
Remedy Angustura  - Galipea officinaris - bark
Remedy Anthemis  - Chamaemilum - Roman chamomile - flowers
Remedy Anthracinum  - Anthracinum - anthrax - poison from spleen of infected sheep
Remedy Anthrax  - Anthracinum - anthrax - poison from spleen of infected sheep
Remedy Antimonium crud.  - Stibium sulphuratum nigrum - black sulphide of antimony
Remedy Antimonium tart.  - Tartarus stibiatus - tartar emetic, potassium antimony tartrate
Remedy Apis   - Apis mellifica - honey bee - whole bee, or poison from sting
Remedy Apocynum  - Apocynum cannabinum - Indian or American hemp - fresh underground parts
Remedy Argentum met.  - Argentum metallicum - silver
Remedy Argentum nit.  - Argentum nitricum - silver nitrate
Remedy Arnica  - Arnica montana - leopard's bane, fallkraut - whole fresh plant, dried flowers or root
Remedy Arsenicum  - Arsenicum album - arsenic trioxide
Remedy Arsenicum iod.  - Arsenicum iodatum - arsenic iodide
Remedy Artemisia  - Artemisia vulgaris - mugwort - fresh root at the beginning of winter
Remedy Arum  - Arisaeme triphyllum - Indian turnip - fresh tuber
Remedy Arundo  - Arundo mauritanica - an Italian grass - root sprouts
Remedy Asafoetida  - Narthex asafoetida - stinkasand - gum
Remedy Asarum  - Asarum europaeum - European snakeroot, hazelwort, wild nard - fresh underground parts
Remedy Asclepias  - Asclepias cornuti (or A. syriaca) - silkweed, milkweed - root
Remedy Astacus  - Astacus fluviatilas - freshwater crayfish - whole animal
Remedy Asterias  - Asterias rubens - red starfish - whole animal
Remedy Atropine  - Atropinium sulphuricum - Atrophine sulphate, poisonous alkaloid found in deadly nightshade, see Belladonna
Remedy Aurum  - Aurum metallicum - gold
Remedy Aurum iod.  - Aurum iodatum - gold iodide
Remedy Aurum mur.  - Aurum chloratum - gold chloride
Remedy Avena  - Avena sativa - oat - fresh aerial parts when in flower
Remedy Bacillinum  - nosode prepared from sputum of patient with tuberculosis
Remedy Badiaga  - Spongia palastrias - freshwater sponge - dried sponge collected in Autumn
Remedy Baptisia  - Baptisia tinctoria - wild indigo - fresh root and bark
Remedy Baryta carb.  - Barium carbonicum - barium carbonate
Remedy Baryta mur.  - Barium chloratum - barium chloride
Remedy Belladonna  - Atropa belladonna - deadly nightshade - fresh plant as it comes into flower without woody stem
Remedy Bellis  - Bellis perennis - common daisy - whole fresh plant
Remedy Benzoic ac.  - Acidum benzoicum - benzoic acid
Remedy Berberis  - Berberis vulgaris - common barberry - bark or root
Remedy Bismuth  - Bismutum - precipitated sub-nitrate of bismuth
Remedy Blatta  - Blatta orientalis - Indian cockroach - whole, live insect
Remedy Boracic ac.  - Acidum boricum - boric acid
Remedy Borax  - Natrum tetraboracicum - sodium borate
Remedy Bothrops  - Bothrops lanceolatus - yellow viper, fer-de-lance from Martinique - venom
Remedy Bovista  - Lycoperdon bovista - warted puffball - whole fungus
Remedy Bromium  - Bromum - bromine
Remedy Bryonia  - Bryonia alba or B. dioica - white or common bryony - root before flowering
Remedy Bufo  - Bufo rana - common toad, Brazilian toad - poison from skin glands
Remedy Cactus  - Selenicereus grandiflorus - night-blooming cerus - youngest, tenderest shoots and flowers in summer
Remedy Cadmium  - Cadmium sulphuricum - cadmium sulphate
Remedy Cadmium phos.  - Cadmium phosphoricum - cadmium phosphate
Remedy Caladium  - Caladium seguinum - American arum, dumb cane - whole fresh plant
Remedy Calcarea  - Calcium carbonicum - calcium carbonate from middle layer of oyster shells
Remedy Calcarea ars.  - Calcarea arsenicum - calcium arsenate
Remedy Calcarea fluor.  - Calcium fluoratum - fluorspar, calcium fluoride
Remedy Calcarea hypophos.  - Calcium hypophoriphorum - calcium hypophosphite
Remedy Calcarea iod.  - Calcium iodatum - calcium iodide
Remedy Calcarea phos.  - Calcium phosphoricum - calcium phosphate
Remedy Calcarea sil.  - Calcium silicata - calcium silicate
Remedy Calcarea sulph.  - Calcium sulphuricum - gypsum, plaster of paris, calcium sulphate
Remedy Calendula  - Calendula officinalis - pot marigold - leaves and flowers
Remedy Camphora  - Cinnamonium camphora - camphor - gum
Remedy Cannabis ind.  - Cannabis indica - Indian hemp, hashish, bhang bhanga - young leaves and twigs
Remedy Cannabis sat.  - Cannabis sativa - European or American hemp - tops of male and female flowers
Remedy Cantharis  - Cantharis lyttavesicatoria - Spanish fly - whole live beetle
Remedy Capsicum  - Capsicum annuum - cayenne pepper - dried pods
Remedy Carbo an.  - Carbo animalis - animal charcoal, made from charred oxhide
Remedy Carbo veg.  - Carbo vegetalis - vegetable charcoal, made from beech, birch or poplar wood
Remedy Carbolic ac.  - Acidum carbolicum - phenyl-carbolic acid
Remedy Carbon sulph.  - Carbonium sulphuratum - carbon bisulphide
Remedy Carduus  - Carduus mariana - St Mary's thistle, silibum - seeds with poppies removed
Remedy Caulophyllum  - Caulophyllum thalictroides - blue cohosh, squaw root - root
Remedy Causticum  - Causticum hahnemanni - potassium hydrate
Remedy Ceanothus  - Ceanothus americanus - New Jersey tea, red root - dried leaves
Remedy Chamomilla  - Matricaria recutita - German chamomile - whole fresh plant
Remedy Chelidonium  - Chelidonium magus - greater celidine - fresh rhizome and adherent roots
Remedy Chenopodium  - Chenopodium ambronides - Jerusalem oat, wormseed - whole fresh plant or extracted oil
  1 - 100  [339]
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