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> Introduction to Mouth, Tongue, Throat & Voice - Digestion begins in the mouth - saliva lubricates food and adds...
Bad Breath (Halitosis) - Usually smelled by others! To test your breath, breath into the cupped palm of your hand...
Burning Mouth Syndrome - Great soreness and smarting of the mouth, lasting for months or years, most common in...
Cold Sores - Culprit is the extremely infectious Herpes simplex virus, which can also cause corneal ulcer and gen...
Glossitis - Sore tongue caused by temporary absence of papillae, the tiny protrusions that contain the taste buds...
Laryngitis - Inflammation or infection of the larynx and vocal cords, causing hoarseness or loss of voice. Acute ...
Leucoplakia - A whitish-grey patch of thickened or hardened skin inside the mouth or on the tongue; forms over a ...
Mouth Ulcers - Often a sign of being run down or under stress, but can also be caused by accidental damage; aggra...
Oral Thrush - Fungal infection of the mouth, and sometimes the throat, most common in the young and elderly, and ...
Salivary Disorders - Most common disorder is mumps, a virus infection of the parotid glands and sometimes of the ...
Sore Throat - A blanket term for inflammation or infection involving the adenoids, tonsils, pharynx, larynx and v...
Tongue Disorders - Condition of tongue can be a pointer to other disorders; a healthy tongue is pink and velvety,...
Tonsilitis - Acute infection of the tonsils, less common in adults than children; symptoms similar to those of In...
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