Obsessive Anxiety about the workings of one's own body, buying lots of medicines and consulting one doctor after another are attempts to keep the anxiety at bay. Constitutional treatment from an experienced homeopath may help.

The structure of the homeopathic consultation is likely to encourage the person to think of himself or herself as a harmonious entity rather than as a collection of parts to be tinkered with.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 14 days while waiting for constitutional treatment

  • Person obsessed with heart disease, skin dry and scaly Kali ars. 6c 
  • Person complains of burning pains, feels anxious, restless, and chilly, thirsty for small sips of water Arsenicum 6c
  • Person constipated, depressed, has a muddy complexion Natrum mur. 6c 
  • Where main symptom is disordered digestion, person also irritable, angry, and behaving violently Nux 6c
  • Person fears for his or her sanity Calcarea 6c
  • Where cause is enforced abstinence from sex Conium 6c

Self-help: Exercise, relaxation, meditation, in fact any activity which encourages body and mind to work in harmony, is almost sure to be beneficial. Vitamin C is also recommended.

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  Kali ars.
  Natrum mur.
  Nux vom.
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  Vitamin C
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