Tooth Decay (Caries)

see also Tooth Decay in Children

Caused by bacteria in mouth acting on sugar in food and producing acid which erodes hard enamel of teeth, allowing bacteria to enter softer dentine beneath and eventually the inner pulp; if pulp does not respond by producing secondary dentine to protect itself, bacteria will invade it, causing inflammation and the familiar pain of Toothache. Pulp may die, leaving tooth to all intents and purposes dead, or infection may spread to root of tooth, giving rise to a Tooth Abscess. If decay is not too advanced, dentist will clean out pulp cavity, drain abscess if necessary, and fill cavity and root canal to seal off tooth; if this is not possible, tooth may have to be extracted.

Specific remedies to be taken twice a day for 3 weeks out of 4 for up to 3 months if tendency to decay is not solely caused by eating too many sweet things

  • Teeth decayed, loose, and black, or many teeth filled, crowned, or loose, excessive salivation, bleeding gums Mercurius 6c
  • Decay in many teeth, especially in a child who is thin and has a large head Silicea 6c
  • Decay in many teeth, especially in a child who is overweight and prone to head sweats Calcarea 6c
  • Teeth black Kreosotum 6c
  • Teeth black, sensitive to slightest touch, and ache after food or drink Sulphur 6c

Self-help: Calc. Phos. and Calc. Fluor. tissue salts are recommended; take 3 tablets of each 3 times a day. Reduce intake of sweets, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, etc. Make sure that your diet contains molybdenum, and check to see if your diet or environment contains excessive levels of selenium or mercury.

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