Irritable Bladder (Urge Incontinence)

Sudden contraction of the bladder causing instant urge to pass urine regardless of time or place, often associated with Stress Incontinence or prolapse of the uterus (see Uterus Problems), in which the pelvic floor muscles are weak, or with urinary tract infections such as Cystitis (frequency, burning sensation on passing urine). Orthodox treatment depends on cause, but if nervous control is faulty drugs may be prescribed to suppress nervous impulses to bladder or relax bladder muscles.

For homeopathic treatment, look up whichever of the above conditions is most appropriate; if none of the remedies mentioned seems suitable, select one from the list below.

Specific remedies to be taken every 4 hours for up to 7 days

  • Great urge to pass urine but nothing comes, chilliness, irritability Nux 6c
  • Non-stop urge to pass urine, straining produces only a few drops at a time, burning pain at neck of bladder and in urethra, especially in older women Copaiva 6c
  • Involuntary passage of urine when coughing or sneezing Causticum 6c
  • Involuntary passage of urine on sitting down, walking, coughing, or passing wind Pulsatilla 6c

Self-help: See Stress Incontinence for exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles; nervous control of bladder muscles may also be improved by not instantly answering the urge to urinate, but holding on for as long as possible.

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  Nux vom.

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