Withdrawal from all forms of social contact. Child retreats into own world, refuses to be cuddled, avoids eye contact, shows poor language development, becomes obsessed with things or routines, goes in for repetitive movements such as body rocking and head banging. Condition can last into adult life, with behaviour becoming increasingly violent. Cause or causes not really known.

There may an imbalance in body chemistry caused by nutritional deficiency. There is also a theory that head banging, and the groaning and grimacing that sometimes go with it, may be an attempt to relieve head pain caused by over-compression of the skull during birth.

Accordingly, treatment options include nutritional therapy, and cranial osteopathy. Homeopathy can offer constitutional treatment, and the short-term remedies given below.

Specific remedies to be taken up to 4 times daily for up to 3 weeks

  • Child irritable, restless, lashes out when approached, repeatedly bangs head on wall, clearly finds noise very upsetting Chamomilla 6c
  • Child retreats into shell, sits on floor and counts things over and over again, has head sweats at night, and sweaty, smelly feet Silicea 6c
  • Child mutters, is suspicious of unfamiliar objects, goes into fits of laughter, plays with genitals Hyoscyamus 6c

Self-help: Add Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and C to the diet, also zinc and manganese. Avoid copper. Contact the National Autistic Society. Try cranial osteopathy.

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  Vitamin B3
  Vitamin B5
  Vitamin B6
  Vitamin C
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