Redness, soreness and itchiness around vulva (vaginal opening), usually caused by germs in faeces being transferred to vulva by wiping bottom from back to front rather than from front to back, but sometimes the result of a foreign body in the vagina or an Allergy to wool or nylon underwear. May also be associated with Bed Wetting or Thread Worms. If itchiness is accompanied by smelly discharge from vagina, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 48 hours.

Specific remedies to be given 4 times daily for up to 5 days; if no improvement within 1 week, consult your medical doctor or homeopath

  • Intermittent greenish/yellowish, sticky discharge Hydrastis 30c
  • Vulva burning and itchy, marked constipation Alumina 30c
  • Smelly discharge, eczema or scaly skin in groin, child suffering from diarrhoea Sulphur 30c

Self-help: Change child's underwear daily, and give a daily bath without bath salts or bath oils. If allergy suspected, change to cotton underwear. Encourage child to wipe bottom from front to back.

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