Rubella (German Measles)

A mild but very infectious viral illness, seldom serious in children - encephalitis is an extremely rare complication - but very serious during first 3 months of pregnancy. One attack usually confers immunity for life. Incubation is 14-21 days, and infection usually runs its course in 4-5 days. First stage is mild fever; second stage is swollen glands behind ears (when rubbed, glands feel like hard peas); third stage is orange-pink rash which spreads from face to rest of body. Arthritic inflammation affecting several joints is an occasional complication when the rash is fading.

Specific remedies to be given every 4 hours for up to 10 doses once Rubella is diagnosed

  • Swollen glands, ear pains on swallowing, symptoms alleviated by cold drinks Phytolacca 30c
  • Onset of rash, child tearful and red-eyed, yellow catarrh Pulsatilla 30c

Immunization: Since 1988 a combined vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella has been introduced for infants. If your daughter has not had this, your medical doctor may be prepared to do a blood test to confine immunity when she is aged 12. Homeopathic immunization, using Rubella 30c nosode, can be given as pan of preconceptual care if your daughter is unable to have the ordinary immunization but is nevertheless at risk.

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