An infection which develops at the root of an eyelash; looks rather like a boil to begin with, then develops a head of pus; red and painful, but usually clears up of its own accord within 7 days. For recurrent styes conventional treatment is antibiotics, the homeopathic approach is constitutional, intended to boost general resistance to infection.

Specific remedy to be given every hour for up to 10 doses

  • Pulsatilla 30c
  • If Pulsatilla produces no improvement Staphysagria 30c

Self-help: To disperse a stye, try hot spoon bathing: wrap cotton wool round handle of a wooden spoon, then repeatedly dip handle in very hot water and put it against stye. You should not try to burst the stye by squeezing it. Tighten up on personal hygiene; for example, never touch or rub your eyes with dirty hands.

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