Ailments & Diseases

If you are new to homeopathy, please read About Homeopathy, Homeopathic Remedies and How to Choose a Homeopathic Remedy carefully.

If you are sure of the diagnosis, look it up under the appropriate bottle in the left hand column. Information on all the homeopathic remedies that are named appears under Treatments. Everyone should read the Legal Disclaimer.

First Aid
Mind & Emotion
Brain & Nervous System
Skin, Nails & Hair
Teeth & Gums
Mouth, Tongue, Throat & Voice
Lungs & Respiration
Heart, Blood & Circulation
Muscles, Bones & Joints
Digestive System 1
Digestive System 2
Kidneys & Bladder
Problems in Women
Problems in Men
Hormones & Metabolism
Sexual Problems
Immune System & Infections
Fertility & Pregnancy
Childbirth & Post Natal
Problems in Infants
Child Ailments & Diseases
Problems in Adolescence
Problems in Elderly
> Introduction to Problems in Men - This section covers those disorders which affect the male reproductive organs...
Penis Problems - Includes balanitis, haemospermia, injury, painful penis, penile warts, priapism, thrush, trichom...
Prostate Problems - Includes enlarged prostate, prostatitis...
Testicle & Scrotum Problems - Problems can be detected early by regular examination of testicles, preferably ...
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