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This website is offered to assist you in helping yourself with homeopathy in minor accidents and ailments and to tell you when to stop. It is also to support you when facing more serious situations. It tells you who to call and how quickly to act, and what you can do while waiting for assistance.

If you are unfamiliar with homeopathy, please read the 'About Homeopathy' section carefully as it is important to understand the principles of homeopathy and how to use the remedies.

Originally written by Dr Andrew Lockie, one of the UKs leading medically-qualified homeopaths, this site has been upgraded to make it easier to use.

To new users: Welcome! We hope you find this a valuable resource in taking care of yourself and your family.

To existing users: Welcome back! We hope you like the changes, particularly the new remedy finder search tool in the 'Treatments' section.

We welcome your comments but regret we are unable to respond to medical enquiries. However, please try the Directory as it may help you find the right adviser.

Finally, please remember that no website can be a substitute for a good and caring doctor and so, if you are in doubt, CALL YOUR DOCTOR!

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