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> Introduction to Teeth & Gums - A healthy tooth is a living organ, nourished by blood vessels and supplied by ne...
Tooth Decay (Caries) - Caused by bacteria in mouth acting on sugar in food and producing acid which erodes hard e...
Discomfort after Dental Treatment - Homeopathy offers a number of specific remedies to aid recovery after dental ...
Fear of Dental Treatment - A very common fear, among adults as well as children. The remedies below can help to s...
Gingivitis - Infected or bleeding gums, usually caused by a build-up of plaque on the teeth because dental hygien...
Tooth Abscess - Pus-filled cavity in root of decaying or dead tooth, formed as bacteria infect and destroy pulp a...
Toothache - Usually a symptom of decay and a warning that prompt dental treatment is needed; paracetamol is the s...
Vincent`s Disease (Acute Ulcerative Gingivitis) - Bacterial infection and ulceration of gums, often between teeth...
Wisdom Teeth Problems - The four wisdom teeth, those farthest back in both the upper and lower jaw, usually erupt...
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