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Mind & Emotion
Brain & Nervous System
Skin, Nails & Hair
Teeth & Gums
Mouth, Tongue, Throat & Voice
Lungs & Respiration
Heart, Blood & Circulation
Muscles, Bones & Joints
Digestive System 1
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Kidneys & Bladder
Problems in Women
Problems in Men
Hormones & Metabolism
Sexual Problems
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Fertility & Pregnancy
Childbirth & Post Natal
Problems in Infants
Child Ailments & Diseases
Problems in Adolescence
Problems in Elderly
> Introduction to Problems in Elderly - The disorders included in this section of the book are particularly assoc...
Confusion - Not knowing what day or time of day it is, not recognising people or surroundings, not remembering ev...
Dizziness in Elderly - Disorders which most often affect balance in old age are Parkinson's disease, arterioscler...
Falls & Accidents - The older we get, the more accident-prone we become. Reflexes, eyesight, hearing, and sense o...
Hypothermia in Elderly - Develops when body temperature drops below 35°C (95°F); with age, the body becomes less ...
Incontinence of Urine in Elderly - Not an inevitable part of ageing. In most cases loss of control is secondary t...
Incontinence of Faeces - Much less common than incontinence of urine; causes include infections such as gastroent...
Senile Dementia - Progressive wasting of brain cells or loss of brain function due to hardening of arteries (arte...
Skin Problems - With age, the skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. As part of this process tiny blood v...
Trigeminal Neuralgia - Bouts of severe, shooting pain in one side of face, lasting for seconds or minutes, brough...
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