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> Introduction to Childbirth & Post Natal - More and more women today feel that birth should not be a high-tech a...
Breast-Feeding Problems - Very full breasts are difficult for the baby to suck; if this is the case, expressing s...
Delayed Periods After Childbirth - Periods usually restart within 6-8 weeks of birth, but may be delayed for seve...
Emergency Childbirth - If labour comes on suddenly and proceeds very fast, and there is no time to get the mother...
Labour Pains - Psychoprophylactic techniques, especially breathing techniques, learnt at antenatal classes help m...
Malpresentation - Normally babies emerge from the birth canal with their face pointing towards the mother’s back;...
Post-Delivery Problems - Includes after pains, appetite changes, constipation, discharge from uterus, exhaustion,...
Post Natal Depression - Many women feel ‘down’ after giving birth, and for many reasons - hormonal changes, tired...
Post-Partum Haemorrhage - In hospital the drug Syntometrine (derived from the same source as Secale) is given to ...
Puerperal Fever - This is caused by infection of the genital tract shortly after birth, although any fever within...
Retained Placenta - Normally the placenta is shed within about half an hour of birth, or sooner if the drug Synto...
Sex After Childbirth - Intercourse should not be resumed until the vagina has healed; this takes at least 10 days...
Stretch Marks (Striae) - The best treatment for these is Vitamin E (100 units a day for 5 days a week) for up to ...
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