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> Introduction to Lungs & Respiration - Lungs developed as marine life forms began to adapt to life on dry land. ...
Asthma - Partial, reversible obstruction of the major and minor airways (bronchi and bronchioles) of the lungs du...
Bronchitis - Inflammation of mucous membranes lining airways in lungs (bronchi and bronchioles); may be acute or ...
Cough - Caused by irritation of mucous membranes lining trachea and airways of lungs. Coughing consists of three ...
Hiccups - Sudden contraction of diaphragm, causing sudden rush of air into lungs, which in turn causes vocal cord...
Pleurisy - Inflammation of membranes (pleurae) surrounding lungs, caused by infections such as pneumonia and tube...
Pneumonia - Inflammation of the lungs, usually caused by same viruses which cause Colds and Influenza, or by Pneu...
Tracheitis - Inflammation of windpipe (trachea), causing sore, burning sensation as air is taken into lungs; in m...
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