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Child Ailments & Diseases
Problems in Adolescence
Problems in Elderly
> Introduction to Problems in Adolescence - The hormonal changes that initiate transition from childhood to adult...
Acne - Spotty skin on face, neck or back caused by the boost which higher hormone levels give to the production ...
Blushing - Increased blood flow to face, ears, neck, etc. accompanying shame, embarrassment, and other thoughts/e...
Body Odour - Sweat glands in groin and under arms begin to broadcast their special odours around age of 15 or 16 ...
Delayed Puberty - Girls tend to follow their mothers and boys their fathers in the timing of puberty; chronic ill...
Adolescent Depression - Usually due to external factors such as exams, unemployment, breaking up with a girlfrien...
Exam Funk - Extreme anxiety about sitting exams, amounting almost to a phobia; feelings of panic and inability to...
Phimosis - Foreskin which is too tight to draw back from head of penis; may not be diagnosed until first erection...
Shyness - A defence against being thought uninteresting, silly, inexperienced, etc. In reality, most 'shy' people...
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