Introduction for Health Care Practitioners

"It is my sincere hope that all my fellow practitioners, especially homeopaths, will find this website of use in their practices. It represents a synthesis of what one man has experienced in his vocation over the years. Inevitably this is bound to be more concentrated in some fields than others and so, where I have felt my knowledge to be inadequate I have borrowed from the experience of others. My main sources are listed in the Bibliography at the end of the book.

"My intention has been to keep the indications for each remedy short as I feel people become over­powered otherwise and lose interest. It was for that reason that I included the Remedy Finder. I hope this will encourage people to look for the other symptoms making up the Totality of the case and thus to appreciate more about how we work in practice. On the other hand I hope that by giving strict rules and duration guides, I have succeeded in getting them to ask for help when the case is not suitable for self care. This is always a difficult balance to achieve. I also hope I can be forgiven for using the American spelling of Homoeopathy, which has been done for the sake of simplicity.

"I offer this website to my colleagues in Medical Practice and Hospital Medicine in the hope that it may inspire them to experiment with this remarkably safe addition to their therapeutic armamentarium. I hope they will be as satisfied with it as I have become over the years. If they wish to take it further, I can assure them of a warm welcome at the courses run all over the world. In the UK, simply phone the Education secretary at the nearest Homeopathic hospital and ask for details of the Postgraduate curriculum. For addresses and phone numbers see the Directory."

Dr Lockie, 1989







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