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Here you will find a list of all remedies mentioned within this website. Browse the remedy list, sort the remedies alphabetically or use the Remedy Finder to find remedies that alleviate a particular symptom or combination of symptoms. Click the remedy name to read more.

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Remedy Aconite  - Aconitum napellus - wolfsbane, blue aconite, blue monkshood - fresh aerial parts, tubers as flowers appear
Remedy Aethusa  - Aethusa cynapium - fool's parsley - whole plant when in flower
Remedy Ailanthus  - Ailanthus glandulosa - Chinese sumach, tree of heaven - flowers as they begin to open
Remedy Arsenicum  - Arsenicum album - arsenic trioxide
Remedy Borax  - Natrum tetraboracicum - sodium borate
Remedy Camphora  - Cinnamonium camphora - camphor - gum
Remedy China sulph.  - China sulphatum - china sulphate
Remedy Lac can.  - Lac caninum - dog's milk
Remedy Veratrum  - Veratrum album - white or false hellebore - roots before plant comes into flower
  1 - 9  [9]  
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