Symptoms brought on by severe swears, ranging from inability to control emotions normally to partial Paralysis or loss of various sensory functions. Even a very stable person can become hysterical under extreme stress. If you are prone to stress and find your emotions difficult to control, constitutional homeopathic treatment could help. Extreme hysterical reactions, such as amnesia, paralysis, or loss of speech, hearing, or sight require professional treatment.

Specific remedies to be given once every 15 minutes or once every 2 hours for up to 10 doses depending on severity of symptoms

  • Symptoms brought on by grief or break up of a love affair, sudden changes of mood, person complains of lump in throat and other inappropriate symptoms (such as a sore throat made better by swallowing) Ignatia 30c 
  • Symptoms accompanied by sensations of floating, levitating, or losing identity, sleeplessness Valeriana 30c 
  • Person haughty and contemptuous feels numb and cold Platinum 30c 
  • Person becomes manipulative and over-dramatic has palpitations, complains of difficult breathing and tightness in chest, even asthma Moschus 30c 
  • Person becomes asthmatic, develops hysterical cough feels as if body is about to explode, gullet and stomach tend to work in reverse, rejecting food and causing retching Asafoetida 30c

Self-help: Vitamin C is often helpful

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