Restless Legs

Tickling, burning, or pricking sensation in lower legs, causing involuntary twitching or jerking; condition affects between 5 and 10 people in 100, seems to be nervous in origin, partly hereditary, and is often associated with Diabetes, iron or Vitamin B deficiency, drug withdrawal, or over-consumption of caffeine. Orthodox treatment consists of painkillers or tranquillizers.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 14 days

  • Legs twitching and jerking, irresistible urge to move them all the time, yawning Tarentula 6c
  • Legs always on the move, general restlessness, anxiety, feeling chilly Arsenicum 6c
  • Twitching worse when lying on right side, especially in elderly person with limb tremor, catnaps seem to steady limbs Phosphorus 6c
  • Trembling, twitching feet and restless legs, even when asleep Zinc 6c
  • Legs jerk, twitch, and tremble, and feel itchy and tingly, becoming even more uncomfortable in cold weather or in early sleep, causing person to wake with a start Agaricus 6c
  • Legs jerk and go into spasm, person feels generally hot but has cold extremities, slightest, jarring makes jerking worse, discomfort increases when trying to go to sleep Belladonna 6c
  • Problem comes on after grief or broken love affair, legs jerk in sleep causing person to wake and despair of ever sleeping again Ignatia 6c
  • Jerking worse between 2 and 4 am Kali carb. 6c
  • Twitching and jerking worse during day but helped by exercise Sepia 6c

Self-help: Check for food allergy. Increase exercise before bed. Change position and wiggle feet. Get up and walk. Try soaking feet in cold (not iced water), or try a heating pad. Don't eat a lot late at night, reduce stress, get more rest. Avoid prolonged cold exposure. Massage legs before going to bed. Try warm socks and a hot-water bottle. Cut down on sleeping pills, alcohol, caffeine and smoking. Take a multivitamin and mineral which contains folic acid (folate), and take extra Vitamin E.

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  Kali carb.
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