Meningitis in Children

see also MeningitisMeningitis in Infants

Inflammation of membranes or meninges surrounding brain and spinal cord, caused by bacterial or viral infections. Infection may be primary, or a complication of infections such as TuberculosisPneumonia, ear infections, Sinusitis, and Mumps. Meninges can also be damaged by Fractures of the skull. Symptoms include HeadacheFever above 39°C (102°F), Nausea and VomitingFebrile Convulsions, a stiff neck, and intolerance of light, followed by abnormal sleepiness or drowsiness and coma. A rash that doesn't blanch under pressure with a glass may mean bacterial meningitis. If child is very young, see symptoms given under Meningitis in Infants.

Recovery from viral infection is usually total. Since 1993 vaccination has been available against most common bacterial meningitis strains but protection is not for long duration and other bacteria may cause the disease. Bacterial infection is more serious, especially if general resistance is low; consequences may be a brain abscess, brain damage, Deafness, and even death. Treatment is with antibiotics. If meningitis is suspected, contact Emergency Medical Services.

Specific remedies to be given every 15 minutes until help arrives

  • Symptoms come on after head injury Arnica 30c
  • Child restless, frightened, thirsty, skin very dry Aconite 30c
  • Child very hot, delirious, pupils wide and staring Belladonna 30c
  • Child in great pain, finds slightest eye movement excruciating, emotionally very low, lapses into unconsciousness Bryonia 30c

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