Gastric Erosion & Gastritis

Localized inflammation of and damage to the stomach lining is known as gastric erosion, and general inflammation of the stomach lining as gastritis; repeated bouts of gastritis can lead to gastric erosion. In both cases the culprit may be aspirin, steroids and other antiflammatory drugs, nicotine, or alcohol; occasionally, gastritis is caused by a virus infection.

Symptoms of gastritis are those of Indigestion or, if virally caused, of Gastroenteritis. Gastric erosion causes bleeding, which can go on for some time without the sufferer being aware of it, first signs may be dark or black streaks in stools, or vomiting, with 'coffee grounds' (partially digested blood) in vomit; if bleeding continues, symptoms of Anaemia develop.

If person is vomiting blood, contact Emergency Medical Services and give Phosphorus 30c every 5 minutes for up to 10 doses; a blood transfusion may be necessary if a lot of blood has been lost. If persistent indigestion develops while taking drugs mentioned above, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 48 hours; alternative drugs may have to be prescribed.

If symptoms are those of gastritis, homeopathic treatment is the same as that for Indigestion and Gastroenteritis; if symptoms are those of gastric erosion, remedies for Anaemia would be appropriate.

Self-help: To allow stomach to heal, fast for 24 hours, taking nothing but boiled cooled water. Then, for the next 24 hours, take only arrowroot, tapioca, or semolina, and water. On the third and fourth day, eat lightly and often - bland foods such as potatoes, brown rice (well chewed), and mashed apples are good, but avoid acid foods. On the fifth day, resume normal diet, and follow self-help suggestions given under Indigestion. If you smoke or drink... stop! Extra Vitamin C and zinc would also be beneficial.

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