Fainting - First Aid

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Temporary loss of consciousness caused by disruption of blood flow to the brain, brought on by emotional upset, pain, or hunger. Some people are particularly prone to fainting, but usually recover rapidly and completely. However, if a faint lasts for longer than a few minutes, internal or external Bleeding should be suspected; this in turn may lead to Shock.

If the person has fainted but is breathing normally, put him or her in the recovery position (see Unconsciousness). When he or she comes round give reassurance, and a few sips of cold water. If internal bleeding is suspected, contact Emergency Medical Services, check the pulse at 5-minute intervals, and be prepared to give cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (see Circulation) if necessary.

If the person is feeling faint - the signs are nausea unsteadiness, pallor, and a slow or weak pulse - sit him or her down, encourage a few deep breaths, and gently push the head towards the knees. Alternatively, get the person to lie down in the recovery position (see Unconsciousness). Loosen any tight clothing and allow plenty of fresh air. Lift legs up to increase blood flow to brain.

Specific remedies to be given every 5 minutes for up to 10 doses

  • Fainting due to intense emotion Ignatia 30c 
  • Fainting due to over-excitement Coffea 30c 
  • Fainting due to over-exertion Nux mosch. 30c 
  • Fainting due to fright Aconite 30c 
  • Fainting caused by loss of blood China 30c 
  • Fainting caused by severe pain Chamomilla 30c 
  • Fainting caused by Minor pain Hepar sulph. 30c 
  • Fainting in hot, stuffy surroundings Pulsatilla 30c 
  • Fainting at sight of blood Nux 30c 
  • Fainting at sight of needles Silicea 30c 
  • Fainting brought on by strong perfumes or odours Nux 30c

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  Hepar sulph.
  Nux mosch.
  Nux vom.

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