Lack of Orgasm

Orgasm during intercourse is a much more reliable response in men than in women; as anthropologists have pointed out, this may be related to the fact that until a few decades ago women were not supposed to enjoy sex to the extent of having orgasms; now that they are, not having orgasms can create the kind of performance anxiety which causes Erection Problems and Ejaculation Problems in men. Even if the right sensory information goes to the brain, orgasm can be blocked by Anxiety, anger, guilt, mistrust, or determination not to lose control. In isolated cases, lack of orgasm is caused not by psychological blocks but by drugs or damage to vital nerve pathways.

For majority of women, clitoris is primary focus of sensations which lead to orgasm, with vagina and labia important but secondary; on most occasions clitoris is not sufficiency stimulated by thrusting movements of penis in vagina to trigger off orgasm; only 30 per cent of women are regularly orgasmic through vaginal stimulation alone.

If lack or infrequency of orgasm, your own or your partner's, worries you or is beginning to cause problems, try the self-help methods below; constitutional homeopathic treatment might also help, although the remedies listed below or under Erection Problems should be tried first. If situation does not improve, and medical doctor has ruled out physical causes, you might consider sex therapy.

Specific remedies for women, to be taken every 12 hours for up to 5 days

  • Inability to let go of emotions Natrum mur. 30c
  • Fatigue and lack of energy Agnus 30c
  • Difficulty follows grief or painful end to a love affair Ignatia 30c

Self-help: Try to de-emphasise orgasm by making other phases of response cycle more pleasurable. Tell or show your partner where your most sensitive areas are and what you find most exciting, and allow yourself to fantasise - fantasies can take the brakes off!

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  Natrum mur.
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