Ovulation Pain

Ovulation occurs, on average, 12-14 days before onset of menstruation, but it is an event of which many women are unaware, unless they practise natural contraception; some women, however, experience what is called mittelschmerz, lower Abdominal Pain which is more localized and qualitatively different from period pain. If the homeopathy remedies below prove ineffective, see your homeopath; if pain is part of a wider picture, constitutional treatment may be recommended.

Specific remedies to be taken every hour for up to 10 doses

  • Nervy pains, relieved by warmth, by bending double, or by pressing fists into lower abdomen, often worse on left side, and often associated with anger Colocynth 30c
  • Violent, cramping pains, worse on left side, ovary feels as if it is being dragged up towards heart Naja 30c
  • Right-sided pain, worse between 4 and 8 am, constipation and wind, apprehensiveness Lycopodium 30c
  • Right-sided pain which shoots up to breast, alleviated by pressure, abdomen feels bloated Palladium 30c

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