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An acute condition in which the gall bladder becomes inflamed and swollen because flow of bile into duodenum is blocked by Gallstones; result is biliary colic - intense pain in upper right abdomen or between shoulders, Indigestion, especially after fatty food, and Nausea with or without vomiting; untreated, condition can lead to Jaundice and occasionally, if gall bladder bursts, to Peritonitis. If site of pain is as described above, and pain persists for more than 3 hours, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 2 hours; painkillers and antibiotics will probably be prescribed, and then surgery recommended to remove the gall bladder; only in exceptional cases are gallstones dissolved in situ.

Occasionally, infection elsewhere in the intestines can spread to the gall bladder, treatment is by antibiotics and painkillers.

Specific remedies to be given ½ -hourly for up to 6 doses while waiting for medical treatment

  • Obstructed bile duct, radiating, tearing pains made worse by jarring, pale stools, signs of jaundice Berberis 30c
  • Pains extend from under right ribs to right shoulder blade, especially after eating fatty food Chelidonium 30c
  • Great flatulence, which is not relieved by belching, person feels chilly, especially in draughts, prefers to move around rather than sit still, bending double reduces discomfort China 30c
  • Cutting pains relieved by bending double, intestines feel as if they are being pinched between two stones, diarrhoea Colocynth 30c
  • Griping, drawing, bursting, or cutting pains made worse by pressure on abdomen, relieved by bending backwards Dioscorea 30c
  • Pain markedly better if a hot-water bottle is held to abdomen Magnesia phos. 30c

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  Magnesia phos.

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