Glue Ear in Children

see also Glue Ear

Muffled hearing due to build-up of sticky fluid in middle ear and poor transmission of sound by middle ear bones. Caused by repeated episodes of Middle Ear Infection. Persistent glue ear may need to be treated by making an incision in the eardrum, draining off some of the fluid, and inserting a grommet to drain the rest. The grommet, a small plastic tube, falls out of its own accord within a year or so and the eardrum heals. Repeated grommets may lead to weakening of the drum. While grommet is in place there is added risk of infection, so child should not swim or bathe without wearing moulded earplugs; on no account should child be allowed to dive.

Inhaled nasal steroids and a month’s course of antibiotics have shown to be effective in some children. Try putting the child to sleep with the head of the bed raised on bricks. Try cranial osteopathy.

Persistent middle ear problems require constitutional treatment. See Middle Ear Infection and Glue ear for specific remedies.

Specific remedies to be taken 3 times daily for up to 7 days before or after insertion of grommet

  • Discharge from ear, neck glands swollen, child overweight, flabby prone to head sweats at night Calcarea 6c
  • Thick, sticky strings of mucus down back of throat, pain behind nose or in sinuses Kali bichrom. 6c
  • Crackling noises in affected ear, honey-like discharge from ear Graphites 6c
  • Thick, yellow, stringy mucus down back of throat, blockage of Eustachian tube on affected side Hydrastis 6c

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