Usually adenoids shrink after the age of 5 and disappear by puberty. Enlargement can cause obstruction of nose, throat, and Eustachian tubes, which in turn can cause nasal-sounding speech and difficulty breathing. Infection causes Cough, as Catarrh drips on to vocal cords, and may spread up Eustachian tubes to ears, causing chronic Middle Ear InfectionGlue Ear, or Deafness. In cases of severe obstruction or chronic infection, surgical removal of adenoids may be necessary. If condition is less severe, it would be well worth seeking constitutional homeopathic treatment; however, if child has been deaf more or less continuously for at least 4 months, see your medical doctor.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 3 weeks

  • Enlarged adenoids, recurrent tonsillitis, coupled with poor mental and physical development Baryta 6c
  • Enlarged adenoids, child overweight, with cold and clammy skin, prone to head sweats, also a late walker and talker Calcarea 6c
  • Symptoms as above, but child of normal weight and irritable Calcarea phos. 6c
  • Adenoids causing obstruction, child always hungry, feels faint mid-morning, dislikes baths Sulphur 6c
  • Thick, yellow, bland discharge from nose and throat, child tearful and timid Pulsatilla 6c
  • Swollen adenoids following orthodox immunization, especially if child is thin, has a large head, and tends to have sweaty feet Silicea 6c
  • Clear discharge from nose and throat Agraphis 6c
  • Blockage of Eustachian tubes, copious saliva, dislike of heat and cold Mercurius dulc. 6c

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  Baryta carb.
  Calcarea phos.
  Mercurius dulc.
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