Nephrotic Syndrome

see also Glomerulonephritis

Damage to kidneys, resulting in decreased flow of urine, excretion of protein in urine, and loss of protein from the blood, causing fluid to seep out of blood vessels and accumulate in surrounding tissues, especially under eyes and around abdomen (oedema). Usually occurs in children aged two to four. Unchecked, condition can lead to chronic Pyelonephritis. Symptoms take a few weeks to develop. Most appropriate action is consult your doctor if there in no improvement in 12 hours. Child will almost certainly be admitted to hospital, given steroids to halt damage to kidneys, and put on a high protein/ low salt diet, with a low fluid intake. Constitutional homeopathic treatment may prevent recurrence.

Specific remedies to be taken every 2 hours for up to 8 doses during acute attack

  • Fluid retention all over body, child chilly, exhausted, restless, anxious, wants frequent drinks of water Arsenicum 30c
  • Child pale, bloated, vomiting, has nosebleeds, passes stools with undigested food in them Ferrum 30c
  • Frequent urge to pass water, fever, headache Ferrum phos. 30c

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