see also Meningitis in Infants, Meningitis in Children

Viral or bacterial infection of the delicate membranes, the meninges, surrounding the brain; the disease organisms responsible spread to the brain via the blood from sinus, ear, and lung infections, or can be introduced directly as the result of head injury. Symptoms are FeverNausea and Vomiting, a stiff neck, a severe Headache made worse by bending forwards, intolerance of light, possibly Confusion and delirium, then abnormal sleepiness or drowsiness and perhaps coma: symptoms may be different for Meningitis in Infants.

Recovery from viral meningitis takes 2-3 weeks, and is usually complete, but the consequences of the bacterial form (same bacilli which cause Tuberculosis, for example, also cause meningitis) can be more serious - loss of hearing, brain abscess, brain damage, and even death.

If meningitis is suspected contact Emergency Medical Services, and choose one of the emergency remedies. Diagnosis will be confirmed by lumber puncture (taking a sample of fluid from the spine); antibiotics are given if infection is bacterial, with bed rest and drugs to ease fever and pain.

Specific remedies to be taken every 10 minutes for up to 10 doses while waiting for help

  • Symptoms onset after head injury Arnica 30c
  • Symptoms accompanied by restlessness, fear, dry skin, great thirst Aconite 30c
  • Person very hot, delirious, with staring eyes Belladonna 30c
  • Severe headache made worse by slightest eye movement, person becoming steadily more depressed and comatose Bryonia 30c

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