see also Glomerulonephritis

Inflammation of the kidneys, often brought on by abnormal immune reaction to infection, especially to streptococcal infections of the throat (see Sore Throat) and Scarlet Fever. Kidneys cease to function, blood pressure rises, child develops Headache, feels extremely ill, and may Vomit or go into Fits. Urine has bloody or smoky appearance, and is passed in less volume than usual. Retained fluids cause oedema (tissue swelling), especially around eyes, giving child telltale 'bags' under the eyes. Recurrent attacks can lead to chronic Kidney Failure. Conventional treatment is by antibiotics, and diuretic and hypotensive drugs. Constitutional homeopathic treatment is recommended to prevent recurrence.

Specific remedies to be given every hour for up to 10 doses in acute situation

  • Oedema Apis 30c
  • Attack comes on after scarlet fever or acute sore throat, burning pains on passing water Cantharis 30c
  • Child anxious, restless, chilly, wants frequent drinks of water, has marked oedema Arsenicum 30c

Self-help: The simplest and most effective measures are bed rest, reducing salt and protein in the child's diet, and cutting down on fluids. Less salt, protein, and fluids give ailing, inflamed kidneys less to cope with. Also, eliminate as many sources of aluminium as possible.

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