Produces Acne-like symptoms, but occurs in middle age; cheeks and nose flush easily, becoming permanently red, with small pus-filled spots; usually aggravated by hot spicy foods, tea, coffee, and alcohol and by Stress, but causes are thought to be oral contraceptives, steroid ointments, and possibly a deficiency of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Antibiotics are usually prescribed.

If stress is the major factor homeopathic treatment is constitutional. However, the remedies listed in Self Help section may be beneficial.

Specific remedies to be taken 3 times daily for up to 3 weeks

  • Face dry and burring, cold applications only make things worse, skin flakes and scales, restlessness, chewiness Arsenicum 6c
  • In early stages, face red, dry, and burning hot Belladonna 6c
  • Face always red and dry, with pimples and pus filled spots Sulphur iod. 6c
  • Burning and itching aggravated by heat, especially in women with scanty periods Sanguinaria 6c
  • Condition made worse by alcohol, tea, and coffee, person constipated, irritable, and chilly Nux 6c
  • Red, painful, or itchy spots, face puffy and swollen, cold or wet weather makes condition worse Rhus tox. 6c
  • Condition markedly worse in morning and aggravated by alcohol, face reddish-purple and mottled Lachesis 6c

Self-help: Take extra Vitamin B2 and try the Liver Diet for 1 month. If you are on steroids, stop taking them if possible. Discuss wish your medical doctor.

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  Nux vom.
  Rhus tox.
  Sulphur iod.
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  Liver Diet
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  Vitamin B2

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