Crush Injuries

Severe crush injuries cause extensive damage to skin, muscle, nerves and bone. There may be internal and external bleeding, or blood supply to a limb may be cut off for some time. Large quantities of plasma may leak from the blood vessels into the damaged tissues, causing swelling and Shock. When the crushed part is released, toxic chemicals produced by damaged muscles get into general circulation, leading to kidney failure in severe cases.

If the crushed part has been trapped for more than 15 minutes, do not attempt to release the casualty before medical help arrives. If release is immediate, raise the affected limb, but keep the victim still. Try to prevent bleeding (see Bleeding), contact Emergency Medical Services, and give as much comfort and reassurance as you can.

Minor crush injuries, such as slamming a finger in a car door or dropping a hammer on a toe, hurt because of the high concentration of nerve fibres in the extremities.

Specific remedy to be given even 15 minutes to begin with, then three or four times daily until recovery is well established

  • Hypericum 30c

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