Erection Problems

Physical causes include injury or surgery to spinal cord or genitals, chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, various nervous disorders, many groups of drugs (tranquillizers, diuretics, anti-depressants, barbiturates, drugs for high blood pressure and stomach ulcers, recreational drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine), fatigue, and sometimes lack of appropriate stimulation. Current thinking is that in 80 per cent of cases the inability to maintain a sustained erection is due to physical problems with blood supply to the penis.

Stress, a state of general mental and emotional turmoil induced by pressures of modern living, or Anxiety about Intercourse easily inhibit erectile response. Most men have erectile difficulties at some time in their lives, often with women they feel strongly about, but a single failure or even occasional failure does not spell 'impotence'. However, if fear of failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, try the self-help measures and homeopathic remedies; constitutional homeopathic treatment is strongly recommended where stress and anxiety are the culprits. If you go to see your medical doctor, you may be offered testosterone or anti-anxiety drugs. Sex therapy is also an option.

Specific remedies to be taken new 12 hours for up to 5 days

  • Surge of desire, anticipation of failure, penis cold and small Lycopodium 30c
  • Erection not firm enough for penetration, general weakness, penis cold and small, especially if intercourse has been very frequent or if erectile difficulties have come on recently Agnus 30c
  • Following bruising injure to penis Arnica 30c
  • Following injury which has bruised spinal cord Hypericum 30c
  • Erection does not last, great surge of sexual feelings after long abstinence, legs feel cold and cramped Conium 30c
  • Erectile difficulties associated with dribbles of semen during sleep, increased desire for sex, erotic fantasies Selenium 30c
  • Erection occurs when half asleep but disappears on waking up, even when sexually excited penis remains flaccid Caladium 30c

Self-help: Try making love in different places and at different times, and try out different forms of foreplay; forget intercourse for a while and concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure with all your senses and with every part of your body except your genitals. Reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood by adopting a fat-free diet. Cut out smoking, lose excess weight, do not indulge in excessive exercise. As a last resort, see a physician with special interest in erectile dysfunction. Contact the Impotence Association Help Line.

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