Tonsilitis in Children

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Infected tonsils. The tonsils are two small sacs of lymphatic tissue on either side of the root of the tongue whose function is to build up immunity to common infectious organisms and to protect the throat and lungs from infection; they are at their most active in childhood when many infections are encountered for the first time, and reach full size when the child is six or seven then shrink substantially. Today tonsils are no longer routinely removed after one or two episodes of acute infection; removal is only considered if infection is chronic or recurs severely many times over a number of years. Recurrent tonsillitis requires constitutional treatment.

Symptoms of tonsillitis include Sore ThroatFever, and feeling generally ill; the tonsils themselves look bright red to begin with, then become covered with a slimy, whitish film. To establish diagnosis in acute situation, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 48 hours. Conventional treatment is with antibiotics or paracetamol, and antiseptic gargles. Homeopathy offers the remedies listed below, but if child does not respond within 24 hours call medical doctor again or call your homeopath.

Specific remedies to be given every 2 hours for up to 10 doses during acute attack

  • Raw throat, high fever with delirium, staring eves, tonsils bright red Belladonna 30c
  • Child says throat hurts but is not thirsty, whole neck region tender and sensitive to slightest pressure, uvula (flap of skin at back of throat) very swollen and shiny Apis 30c
  • Child chilly, irritable and unreasonable, hates undressing or leaving warmth of bed, says pains in throat feel like splinters or fish hooks, pus from tonsils tastes unpleasant Hepar sulph. 30c
  • Tonsils dark red, swollen and sore, tongue swollen, glands in neck swollen and tender, breath smells foul, copious saliva Mercurius 30c
  • Left tonsil most infected and painful, and dark purple in appearance, severe pain on swallowing, pain worse after sleep and worse for warmth, also worse when child drinks but better when he or she eats something, child hates neck-hugging clothes or bedclothes Lachesis 30c
  • Child very poorly, throat pain extends up to ears, neck glands swollen, tonsils dark red, hot, and swollen, throat feels rough and constricted Phytolacca 30c
  • Infection starts in right tonsil and moves to left, child has high fever and feels most ill between 4 and 8 am, throat soothed by hot drinks Lycopodium 30c

Self-help: Give plenty to drink, and apply hot and cold compresses around neck. Boost intake of Vitamin C. Garlic is also good for infected tonsils. Gargle with sage tea.

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