Varicose Veins

A sign that valves in affected veins are weak and unable to prevent backflow of blood; an often inherited condition; veins become lumpy and distended with blood, and smaller veins and capillaries show as twisted, purplish lines on skin; poorly drained tissues may develop brown staining. Condition mainly affects legs, but also Testicles, and rectum and anus (see Piles); legs tend to ache or swell, and become tender and itchy. Valves may be naturally weak, or become so as result of prolonged sitting or standing, Deep Vein ThrombosisConstipationObesity, or pregnancy; complications include Varicose Ulcers and Thrombophlebitis. Orthodox treatment is to 'strip' or remove varicosed sections of veins, or give injections to close them; surrounding smaller veins rapidly enlarge to compensate. Support stockings are also prescribed.

Homeopathy offers the remedies in below; if there is no improvement within 3 weeks, or if condition becomes dramatically worse, see your medical doctor.

Specific remedies to be taken every 12 hours for up to 7 days

  • Varicose veins feel bruised and sore, person may also suffer from piles Hamamelis 30c
  • Warmth and allowing legs to hang down make varicose veins worse, especially during pregnancy, person feels chilly Pulsatilla 30c
  • Legs look very pale but redden easily, walking slowly makes weak, achy feeling wear off Ferrum 30c
  • Skin mottled and marbled Carbo veg. 30c

Self-help: Sit with feet raised above hip level whenever you can, and spend as little time standing as possible but walk frequently. Always wear support stockings. If a vein bursts and bleeds, apply a pad and bandage it on tightly, and keep leg raised until bleeding stops; if it doesn't, see your medical doctor as soon as possible. Reduce weight if appropriate, avoid tight garments, discuss stopping any oral contraceptives with your medical doctor, stop smoking, and try yoga. Guard against constipation by eating more fibre, and increase your intake of Vitamins E and C, and bioflavinoids.

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