Tongue Disorders

see also GlossitisBurning Mouth Syndrome

Condition of tongue can be a pointer to other disorders; a healthy tongue is pink and velvety, but in sickness the papillae on its surface change their colour and texture.

Enlargement of Veins under the Tongue
May be a sign of Vitamin C deficiency.

Furring of the Tongue
May indicate Fever or digestive trouble, the 'fur' being bacteria, food particles, and dead cells which accumulate when saliva flow is reduced or the tongue is less active than usual; gentle brushing with a toothbrush usually removes it. The remedies below can also be tried.

Fissuring of the Tongue
Occurs in people who have quite deep cracks in their tongue anyway; the cracks can turn black or brown if bacteria accumulate in them, as sometimes happens after fungal or bacterial infections, as a result of smoking or antibiotics. 

Black Hairy Tongue
The tongue's papillae grow extra long and become discoloured by bacteria. Similar causes are thought to be responsible for Black Hairy Tongue as Fissuring of the Tongue. Both conditions are harmless, if unsightly. Recommended treatment, twice daily, is Hypericum and Calendula solution mouthwash (5 drops of mother tincture of each to 0.25 litre [½ pint] boiled cold water) after brushing tongue with a soft toothbrush. One of the remedies below may also be helpful.

Specific remedies for Furring of the tongue to be taken 3 times daily for up to 14 days

  • Tongue blistered and burning, affected areas white or yellow, rest of tongue very red Natrum mur. 6c
  • Affected patches peeling Taraxacum 6c

Specific remedies for Fissuring of the tongue to be taken 3 times daily for up to 14 days

  • Tongue cracked, red, and parched Belladonna 6c
  • Tongue moist, with blackish coating and marked tremor Mercurius 6c
  • Tongue has inky black coating Carbo veg. 6c
  • Tongue has black-brown coating Phosphorus 6c

Self-help: Vitamin B3 may help to reduce fissuring.

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  Hypericum and Calendula solution
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  Vitamin B3
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