Post-Delivery Problems

After Pains
These are a sign that the womb is contracting back to its normal size; discomfort tends to be worse if labour has been relatively easy. If the remedies below produce no improvement within 24 hours, contact your medical doctor or midwife; if you begin to run a temperature, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 12 hours.

Specific remedies to be taken every 2 hours for up to 10 doses

  • Sharp pains, especially if woman is over-sensitive and has lost a lot of sleep Coffea 30c
  • Pains associated with frequent urge to pass water or stool Nux 30c
  • Pains made worse by drinking coffee Chamomilla 30c
  • If part of placenta has been retained Pulsatilla 30c

Appetite Changes
Strange cravings or difficulty controlling appetite in the weeks immediately after delivery are due to hormone changes, as pregnancy ends and lactation begins.

Specific remedies to be taken every 12 hours for up to 3 days

  • Craving salt and salty foods Natrum mur. 30c
  • Craving for sweets and sugary foods Lycopodium 30c
  • Indigestion after fatty foods Pulsatilla 30c

If you are having difficulty losing weight, increase the amount of exercise you take, and reduce your salt, fat, and carbohydrate intake. Constitutional homeopathic treatment is recommended, but in the meantime one of the remedies below may help.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 7 days

  • Insatiable appetite, feeling hotter than usual, diarrhoea first thing in morning Sulphur 6c
  • Not losing weight, constipation, feeling chilly, irritable, and apathetic Sepia 6c
  • Fluid retention and a craving for salt Natrum mur. 6c
  • Not losing weight, especially if woman tends to be pale, chilly, sweaty, and clumsy Calcarea 6c


Specific remedies to be taken very 4 hours for up to 10 doses

  • Ineffectual straining to pass stool Nux 30c
  • Stools hard, brown/black and bunt-looking Bryonia 30c
  • Feeling chilly, exhausted, and irritable as well as constipated Sepia 30c

Discharge from Uterus (Lochia)
Following delivery of the placenta, a quantity of blood, fluids and mucus is discharged from the womb, pure blood at first, and then a milky mixture of mucus and fluid. If discharge is very scanty or very copious, see your midwife; in the meantime try one of the remedies below.

Specific remedies to be taken every hour for up to 10 doses

  • Scanty discharge, red in colour, made even scantier by strong emotions or exposure to cold Aconite 30c
  • Scanty discharge, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, headache or toothache Chamomilla 30c
  • Scanty discharge, distended abdomen Colocynth 30c
  • Scanty discharge, delirious behaviour Belladonna 30c
  • Scanty discharge, desire for sex Platinum 30c
  • Copious bloody discharge Secale 30c
  • If no response to Secale and whole vulval area is extremely sensitive Platinum 30c
  • Discharge very slow Calcarea 30c
  • Discharge very slow, woman feels worn out China 30c
  • Excessive discharge after over-exertion Arnica 30c
  • Profuse discharge made worse by chamomile tea Coffea 30c
  • Profuse discharge made worse by coffee and alcohol Nux 30c
  • Profuse milky discharge Pulsatilla 30c
  • Profuse milky discharge which then becomes bloody Calcarea 30c
  • Bearing down sensation in womb, milky discharge which becomes streaked with pus, or feeling generally chilly, with cold, clammy extremities Sepia 30c
  • Sweating, increased saliva, offensive-smelling discharge, sensitivity to heat and cold Mercurius 30c
  • Excessive milky discharge with putrid smell Carbo an. 30c

The effort of giving birth leaves most women extremely tired and stiff and very drained emotionally; this is perfectly normal. Rest and quiet are the best healers. However, one of the remedies below may be helpful; if there is no improvement within 3 days, and there are no complications, consult your homeopath.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 3 days

  • Exhaustion follows profuse sweating or loss of blood China 30c
  • Exhaustion accompanied by profuse sweating Carbo veg. 30c
  • Exhaustion accompanied by hair loss Calcarea 30c
  • Distended abdomen, bearing down pains Sepia 30c
  • Distended abdomen, spasmodic abdominal pain Colocynth 30c

Bladder control may temporarily be lost as the result of trauma to the muscles of the pelvic floor. Stopping and starting the flow of urine several times as you pass water will help to tighten these muscles. If, despite these exercises and taking the remedy below, there is no improvement within 3 days, see your homeopath.

Specific remedy to be taken 4 times daily for up to 3 days

  • Belladonna 30c

Injury to Vulva or Vagina
Overstretching, tears, or incisions and stitches in this area should be bathed three or four times a day with Arnica solution (10 drops of mother tincture to 0.25 litre [½ pint] warm water) to aid healing.

These are the result of extreme pressure on the pelvic veins. If the remedy below produces no improvement within 3 days, see your homeopath.

Specific remedy to be taken every 4 hours for up to 3 days

  • Pulsatilla 30c

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