Cold Sores

Culprit is the extremely infectious Herpes simplex virus, which can also cause Corneal Ulcer and genital herpes (see Sexually Transmitted Diseases), so do not touch eyes or genitals after touching cold sores.

In first stage of infection, blisters and then ulcers form inside the mouth or on the face, accompanied by red, swollen gums, a furry tongue, mild Fever, and feeling generally under par. Though these symptoms clear up within a few days, the virus may not be destroyed, so whenever immunity is at a low ebb infection tends to reappear around mouth and lips, causing blisters which weep and then become encrusted; these usually clear up within 5-7 days. Though antiviral ointments are often effective, the author advises against all external applications whilst undergoing homeopathic treatment if possible. Outbreaks can be treated using the remedies given below, but constitutional treatment is the proper solution.

Specific Remedies to be given 4 times daily for up to 5 days

  • Many ulcers inside mouth, gums bleed easily, whole mouth very sore, worse at night Sempervivum 30c
  • Deep crack in middle of lower lip, mouth very dry, sores puffy and burning, pearl-like blisters on lips Natrum mur. 30c
  • Mouth and chin infested, ulcers at corner of mouth Rhus tox. 30c
  • Cracks at corners of mouth, lips pale, red itchy rash on chin, burning blisters on tongue, breath smells nasty Capsicum 30c

Self-help: If you suffer from recurrent cold sores try replacing your toothbrush regularly and only use small tubes of toothpaste. You may find benefit from applying petroleum jelly, witch hazel or ice. For relief take extra leicin (an amino acid), Vitamin C, zinc and bioflavonoids, and avoid foods containing argine (another amino acid found in chocolate, peanuts, seeds and cereals).

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