Fits & Convulsions

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The symptoms of a fit, convulsion, or seizure include any or all of the following jerky, uncontrolled movements; rigid limbs; foaming at the mouth; loss of bladder or bowel control; coughing and choking, and, in rare cases, cessation of breathing and unconsciousness. Fits can be caused by Epilepsy, high Fever, brain tumours, and other disorders which upset the electrical functioning of the brain.

If someone is having a fit, make sure that he or she does not suffer injury. Gently lead the person out of any possible danger, and clear the area of objects that may cause harm if the person falls or collapses. When the rigid phase has passed, place the person in the recovery position (see Unconsciousness). Give reassurance and advise a visit to a doctor, especially if there is no history of fits.

Febrile Convulsions (see Febrile Convulsions)
These are most common in children, and are brought on by a high temperature during fevers and infections. First aid consists of bringing temperature down by undressing the child and sponging the body with tepid water, or wrapping the child in a wet sheet. Usually the situation is not as serious as it seems, but if convulsions continue for more than a few minutes, contact Emergency Medical Services.

Specific remedies to be given every 5 minutes for up to 10 doses once the jerky phase is over

  • Fit brought on by fright Aconite 30c
  • Fit brought on by heat or a hot bath, casualty emits a high-pitched cry and bends head back Apis 30c 
  • Fit comes on suddenly, skin hot and dry, pupils fixed and staring, extreme sensitivity to cold, light, jolting, and jarring once fit is over Belladonna 30c 
  • Fit brought on by anger or teething, one cheek red, the other pale Chamomilla 30c 
  • Fit brought on by too much sun Glonoinum 30c 
  • Where fit has a hysterical or emotional component Ignatia 30c 
  • Face dark red and mottled, pupils very small, violent muscle spasm, head bent back Opium 30c 
  • Face bluish, cold sweat on forehead, body icy cold Veratrum 30c

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