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Pain in small of back brought on by lifting or over-strenuous exercise; muscles may be strained or torn (see Fibrositis) and go into spasm, or ligaments between vertebrae may be torn (see Sprains). Pain may be severe and immobilising, and come on suddenly or develop overnight; chronic lumbago tends to be worse in cold or damp weather.

If rest and one of the remedies listed below do not produce some improvement within the dose period, see your medical doctor or refer yourself to an osteopath or chiropractor.

Specific remedies to be taken every hour for up to 10 doses if back pain comes on suddenly

  • Sharp pain made worse by exposure to cold dry weather and draughts Aconite 30c
  • Severe pain comes on after injury Arnica 30c

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 10 days

  • Lower back feels stiff and bruised, especially after resting and in damp cold weather, moving around reduces pain and stiffness Rhus tox. 6c
  • Pain comes on in cold dry weather and is made worse by slightest movement, back feels bruised and sensitive to slightest touch Bryonia 6c
  • Continuous pain, with nausea and vomiting, cold makes pain worse and causes cold sweats and fatigue, pain less insistent when standing up moving around, eating aggravates pain Antimonium tart. 6c
  • Violent stitching pain on stooping, aggravated by movement and especially bad at night in heat of bed Sulphur 6c
  • Lumbago causes restlessness and prevents sleep Cimicifuga 6c
  • Pain aggravated be stooping and by exertion followed by exposure to cold and damp Dulcamara 6c
  • Lumbago worse before a thunderstorm or in dry cold weather Rhododendron 6c
  • Lumbago aggravated by movement or a chill Nux 6c
  • Lower back pain aggravated by walking stooping and Aesculus 6c

Self-help: See Back Problems for various self-help measures.

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  Antimonium tart.
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