Ectopic Pregnancy

Development of foetus in one of Fallopian tubes or in abdominal cavity rather than in uterus; symptoms are persistent abdominal pain and bleeding, as placenta burrows into surrounding tissues to establish foetal blood supply; cause may be some abnormality of the Fallopian tubes due to previous operations or infections; or the presence of an IUD.

If there is bleeding and abdominal pain lasting for more than 3 hours, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 2 hours; you will be sent to hospital, and may need an operation to remove the developing pregnancy, and possibly the tube as well. If the other tube is in good shape, you stand a good chance of becoming pregnant again, and in the normal way.

Specific remedies to be taken ½ -hourly for up to 10 doses if ectopic pregnancy is suspected

  • Feeling very worried and afraid Aconite 30c
  • Abdominal pain accompanied by bleeding Arnica 30c

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