Ear Injuries

Ears are very delicate and only the gentlest measures should be taken to dislodge foreign bodies from the outer ear canal.

Foreign Body in the Ear
If a small object or insect gets into the ear, wash out the ear with tepid Hypericum and Calendula solution. Tilt the person's head so that the affected ear is uppermost, gently pull back the ear lobe to straighten the ear canal, and pour the solution into the ear. With luck, the object will float out. If not, or if any other type of object is stuck in the ear, arrange transport to hospital as soon as possible.

Specific remedies

  • Continuing pain after removal of foreign body Hypericum 30c potency every 30 minutes, for up to 10 doses
  • After an operation to remove a foreign body from the ear Arnica 30c every 4 hours for up to 6 doses

Bleeding from the Ear
This may be due to laceration of the external part of the ear or the ear canal, perforation of the eardrum due to a sudden increase in pressure (caused by diving or a nearby explosion), or a fracture of the skull (select Head Injuries), in which case there may be leakage of a clear fluid instead of blood. Bleeding may also be accompanied by earache, headache, deafness, and loss of consciousness.

Place the casualty in a half-sitting position, with the head tilted towards the side that is bleeding. This allows blood, etc. to drain out of the ear, however, do not tilt the head if you suspect a skull fracture. Cover the ear with a sterile dressing, but do not restrict the drainage of fluids. Check breathing, pulse, and state of alertness, and contact Emergency Medical Services.

Specific remedy to be taken every 15 minutes for up to 10 doses

  • Where bleeding is caused by a blow to the ear, person panicky Aconite 30c

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Other Treatments

  Hypericum and Calendula solution

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