Exam Funk

Extreme Anxiety about sitting exams, amounting almost to a Phobia; feelings of panic and inability to concentrate during exams; may be severe enough to cause stomach upsets, DiarrhoeaHeadache, etc. Often there are problems in the home which make study difficult, or child may feel overwhelmed by parental pressure to achieve high marks. Lack of self-confidence and inability to concentrate may benefit from constitutional homeopathic treatment, but the remedies below are worth trying first.

Specific remedies to be given hourly for up to 10 doses before exams

  • Diarrhoea and stomach upsets before exams, the more child tries to control thoughts the less he or she is able to concentrate Argentum nit. 30c
  • Child almost paralysed with fear at thought of exam, with limbs weak and wobbly, despite conscientious studying Gelsemium 30c
  • Child very apprehensive, tries to bolster self-confidence by bragging and behaving outrageously, even violently, before exam, settles down once exam starts Lycopodium 30c
  • Headache brought on by studying, child prone to unpleasantly sweaty feet Silicea 30c
  • School work tends to cause headaches, child slow in talking and of a rather solitary disposition Natrum mur. 30c
  • Child emotionally and physically immature for age Baryta 30c
  • Where emotional problems make it difficult for child to concentrate while studying Anacardium 30c

Self-help: Start revising in plenty of time. Divide material to be revised in manageable units and do one or two units a day. This will leave some time for leisure activities. Rest immediately before the exam.

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  Argentum nit.
  Baryta carb.
  Natrum mur.
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