Lean the casualty over a basin, pinch the lower part of the nose for 10 minutes, then release slowly. If blood starts to flow again, pinch the nose for another 10 minutes and if necessary, repeat. If bleeding is severe or persists for more than half an hour, take the person to a doctor in the treatment position. Do not allow the person to lie down or to tip the head back to avoid swallowing blood. The nose should not be forcibly blown for 2-3 days after a nosebleed. If the remedies below produce no improvement, try one of the remedies listed under Bleeding.

Specific remedies to be taken every 2 minutes for up to 10 doses

  • Nosebleed follows injury Arnica 30c 
  • Where blood is bright red Ipecac 30c 
  • Bleeding brought on by violent nose-blowing Phosphorus 30c 
  • Nosebleed accompanied by a headache which gets worse if head is bent forwards Hamamelis 30c 
  • Bright red blood, person feels faint, especially if he or she usually looks rather pale Ferrum phos. 30c 
  • In all other cases Vipera 30c

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  Ferrum phos.

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