Inflammation of the membrane (peritoneum) which lines the abdominal cavity and covers the abdominal organs; usually a complication of conditions such as a perforated Peptic UlcerDiverticular Disease, a ruptured appendix (see Appendicitis), or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, but occasionally a result of injury or abdominal surgery. Symptoms are severe Abdominal Pain, a rigid Distended AbdomenNausea and Vomiting, and Fever; there is also a danger of dehydration (from vomiting) and ileus.

Appropriate action is to contact Emergency Medical Services even if pain decreases.

Specific remedies to be given every 5 minutes for up to 10 doses until help arrives

  • Sudden onset of severe abdominal pain, person chilly and fearful Aconite 30c
  • Pain feels as if intestine is being gripped by nails, transverse colon above navel swollen and clearly outlined Belladonna 30c
  • Griping, cutting pains, great tenderness over painful area, great urge to pass stool Mercurius corr. 30c
  • Cramping pains relieved by bending double or pressing on abdomen Colocynth 30c
  • Fever, sharp pain made worse by slightest movement Bryonia 30c

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  Nausea & Vomiting
  Pelvic Infection (Salpingitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
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  Mercurius corr.

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