Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)

In women intercourse may be painful due to vaginal or vulval infections, which cause unusual discharge or itchiness (see Vaginal and Vulval Problems), Cystitis (frequent urge to urinate), or Vaginismus (spasm of muscles at entrance to vagina); pain on deep penetration or in certain positions may be a symptom of endometriosis or retroversion of the uterus (see Uterus Problems), or of cervical erosion (see Cervical Problems).

Dryness of vagina can cause discomfort and soreness for both partners; vaginal secretions tend to become scantier after Menopause, but sometimes lack of lubrication is due to Anxiety about Intercourse, or too perfunctory foreplay; KY Jelly usually helps. Resuming intercourse too soon after having a baby can be painful, as can intercourse for the first time ever.

In men a burning sensation when ejaculating or urinating, and perhaps unusual discharge from penis, suggests urethritis (see Penis Problems) or prostatitis (see Prostate Problems); pain during intercourse may be balanitis (see Penis Problems or Herpes in Sexually Transmitted Diseases), especially if head of penis is red, itchy, sore, or blistered. Soreness or itchiness around head of penis after intercourse suggests sensitivity to spermicidal creams or vaginal secretions; problem is easily solved by using a sheath; if rubber of sheath causes an allergic reaction, switch to a non-allergenic brand.

Occasionally tip of penis may be irritated by friction against trailing threads of partner's IUD; this can be solved by asking medical doctor to shorten threads. Erection and intercourse can also be painful if foreskin is too tight (see Phimosis); if foreskin has recently been removed (circumcision), intercourse may be painful for several months until glans becomes less sensitive.

For orthodox and homeopathic treatment, see causative conditions mentioned above. If none of the homeopathic remedies given seems to meet the case, try one of the remedies below; if there is no improvement within 3 weeks, see your medical doctor or homeopath.

Specific remedies to be taken every 4 hours for up to 3 weeks

  • Vulva and vagina feel very sensitive, pain in ovary during intercourse, 'honeymoon' cystitis Staphysagria 6c
  • Vagina very sensitive, severe pain in left ovary after intercourse, vulval warts Thuja 6c
  • Vulva and vagina feel itchy and twitchy, burning sensation in uterus and ovaries after intercourse, increased desire for sex Platinum 6c
  • Dry vagina, constipation, emotional upset Natrum mur. 6c
  • Heavy, dragging sensation in lower abdomen, intercourse causes pains which shoot up through vagina and uterus to navel Sepia 6c

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