Sleep Problems During Pregnancy

see also Sleep Problems, Sleep Problems in Infants, Sleep Problems in Children

Anxiety about pregnancy and birth, Heartburn, the urge to urinate, general discomfort, the baby kicking… all of these can break sleep during pregnancy; then worrying about not sleeping makes sleeping more difficult, and so vicious circle is set up.

Specific remedies to be taken before going to bed for up to 5 nights and hourly if still awake

  • Over-excitement, mental over-stimulation, excessive joy Coffea 30c
  • Feeling you will never get to sleep again, especially after some form of grief Ignatia 30c
  • Feeling very afraid Aconite 30c

Self-help: If you cannot get comfortable in bed, tuck a pillow under your abdomen, into the small of your back, between your knees, or wherever you feel you need support. If you still cannot sleep, don’t be tempted to take sleeping pills, especially in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy; get up and read a book or do housework, and make up for lost sleep later, enlisting your partner’s help if necessary.

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