Middle Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

Usually caused by germs spreading up Eustachian tube from nose and throat, but occasionally by germs entering through a ruptured eardrum. May be acute (coming on suddenly and causing great pain and discharge), or chronic (slowly festering and causing only intermittent pain).

Acute Infection
Accumulation of pus behind eardrum causes hearing loss, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and severe stabbing pains which disturb sleep. Temperature may be higher than normal. Pressure of pus can cause the eardrum to rupture, in which case pain eases and pus drains out through eardrum. Improperly treated, acute middle ear infection can become chronic, or spread to the mastoid process, in which case surgery may be necessary. If acute infection is suspected, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 12 hours or see your homeopath. Constitutional treatment can prevent recurrence.

Specific remedies to be taken every half hour for up to 10 doses

  • Restlessness, anxiety, attack brought on by exposure to cold Aconite 30c
  • Flushed, hot face and high temperature (particularly in children), staring eyes, excited and incoherent behaviour, unusual sensitivity to touch Belladonna 30c
  • Pain as if pressure behind eardrum pushing it out, person weepy Pulsatilla 30c

Chronic infection
Repeated episodes of infections often as a sequel to Glue Ear in childhood. Can cause conductive Deafness, as infection progressively damages the eardrum and the tiny bones which transmit sound to the inner ear, or chloesteatoma. Requires supervision of a medical doctor or homeopathic physician, and may take many months to clear up.

Self-help: Don't smoke or have smokers in the house and try sleeping with the head slightly raised. Avoid swimming. Wear a moulded earplug and shower cap when taking a bath or shower to prevent water getting into the affected ear. Take zinc and Vitamin B supplements. Dietary therapy should also be considered.

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