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Defined as one eye looking directly at target object while the other looks elsewhere. In adults, lack of co-ordination occurs either because the eye muscles themselves have been damaged, or because the motor nerves which control the eye muscles have been damaged, usually as a consequence of Diabetes, brain injury, brain tumour, High Blood Pressure, or myasthenia gravis. The brain, used to receiving and combining two very similar pictures, cannot cope with two very different pictures, so the person sees both. In most children who squint, the brain simply ignores information from one eye and only information coming from the other is seen; if efforts are not made to correct the squint, the unused eye becomes lazy and effectively useless.

If you start seeing double, see your medical doctor. Treatment of the underlying cause may solve the problem; if not, the options are prismatic spectacles, surgery exercises which force the lazy eye to work, and constitutional homeopathic treatment.

Specific remedies to be taken 3 times daily for up to 2 weeks

  • Gelsemium 6c
  • If Gelsemium does not help lazy eye Alumina 6c

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